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Guduchi Capsule (Immunity wellness) INR 0

Guduchi Capsule (Immunity wellness)

Guduchi is a large, deciduous extensively spreading climbing shrub with several elongated twining branches. Bark is succulent, with deep clefts spotted and large rosette-like lenticels. The color of bark is creamy white or grey. Benefits of Guduchi Capsule: Guduchi For Skin: Wounds, Gout And Psoriasis:Guduchi is great in treating problems related to skin. For treating skin related diseases both external application and internal consumption is done. Diabetes: Guduchi has proved to reduce blood sugar level in a very significant way. For Increasing Immunity: Guduchi helps in increasing the effectiveness of white blood cells, and it helps in building up body’s defense mechanism. Diuretic: Guduchi helps in managing urinary disorders. Joint Ache: This herb is useful in the treatment of common gout, arthritis and other inflammatory joint conditions as it contains anti-inflammatory properties. Fever: It has febrifuge action. It is valuable in curing acute as well as chronic fevers or pyrexia that is of unknown origin conditions. Joint Problems: Guduchi is useful in problems related to joint such as pain in joints and swelling in joints. Anti-Cancer Activity: Few breast cancer patients were selected on whom adjuvant therapy was conducted. Manufactured & Marketed by: HERBASIA (India) Dosage: Take 1 capsule, twice a day Pack Size: 60 Capsules/ Bottle Minimum Order Quantity: 5000 Bottle(s)



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